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bisakah kita mencintai dan membenci orang yang sama dalam satu waktu?

bisa, katamu. 

tapi aku tidak setuju.

menurutku seseorang tidak bisa mencintai sekaligus membenci orang yang sama.

kamu bisa marah, kamu bisa sebel, kamu bisa ngambek tapi kamu tidak akan bisa membenci orang yang kamu cinta.

tidak. tidak akan bisa.


Careful what you say to someone, the words you say to make fun of and even the smallest comment you say to them.

You might be joking, but sometimes, words can scar some people for life. Every label you give to someone is a prayer, so you are responsible for their future too. Words can build and at the same time, destroy people. You have the power to stop others from having low self esteem, so why use that power to bring them down? The 5 seconds you used to say negative things might turn out to be a lifetime worth of memory. So use your words wisely.

(Source: nadiajuliana)

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